I spend a lot of time on making sure you are getting what you need and in a format that you will thrive with. One or two sessions will not be able to give me time to really work with you on this new chapter in your life!

Expect the first meeting to last 45-60 minutes, other sessions will be 45-60 minutes, it varies on the specific workout and goal for that day!


~ 5 = $250 (50/session)

~ 15 = $675 (45/ session)

~ 25 = $1,000 (40/ session)

** If you want a homework workout written per session add $10**

Fitness Assessment – $50

~ Cardiovascular test – VO2 step test, 12 minute walk/run

~ strength – push up, sit up, wall sit

~ flexibility- sit & reach,  joint ROM

~ Body Measurements

~ Body Fat percent


Couch to 5k – 2 sessions a week for 6 weeks & 2 Homework per week

~ $660 (55/session + homework)

*all returning clients get one FREE session with the purchase of another package  and a FREE session for every referral that buys a package! (No limit)*

Nutrition Packages-

Meal prep help- $25

Weekly meal plan ( shopping list, recipes, scheduled meals) – $35

Meal Preparation includes one day a week I come and help you organize a weekly menu and prepare meals for quick and easy healthy foods to go! This pricing changes depending on who many people the meal prep is for, please just ask for more information. For one person and one week it will be $25 for me to come in your home and help you prep the whole week of food!

Also I can design a nutrition plan for you to follow on your own, each meal and snack planned out per week ($35 a week). Includes recipes, shopping list, schedule of meals, and hints with preparing in healthy ways!